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Are there moss, mushrooms, bushes and trees growing on your roof? Do you need to get rid of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? It’s time to fix your roof! Your has to be always prestigious.

The thought to establish a firm which handles roofs came in connection with a personal experience in Norway. During one year, our team worked with the production and, at the same time, investigated the same market in Estonia. We concluded that the given trend isn’t fully developed in Estonia. Painting roofs is very popular in Scandinavia because fixing roofs with nano-colours is much cheaper and takes less time than the complete replacement of the roof.

We use innovative products to solve problems, that are connected with the protection against water, humidity, and UV-radiation as well as giving water proof and energy-efficient characteristics to the roofs.

We paint roofs made of tile, metal as well as other materials. In addition, we use cleansing, disinfecting and impregnating compounds to keep your roofs healthy. We also do anti-graffiti cleansing.

We use nano-colours to create self-cleaning, energy-efficient and water-proof coatings onto your roofs, facades as well as other buildings and products.

The materials are created using leading innovative technologies which insure their advantages in comparison with ordinary colours (they have a better coherence, elasticity, preservation of the colour, and resistance against adverse atmosphere and weather conditions). Using our products, we guarantee a five-year insurance to our works.


Types of works

High-efficient cleansing of roofs with a highly pressurised water jet (max 400 bar). The powerful water jet removes dirt and often helps to prevent the usage of chemical cleansers which damage the environment.

Washing with a high-pressure helps to get rid of dirt, moss and other kinds of impurities. The objects of the given cleansing can be roofs, facades, pavements, paving stones, terraces, roof gutters, etc.

The objective of such cleansing is to give a longer pace of life to roofs, facades as well as other surfaces and to give a better appearance to treated surfaces.


Cleaning your roof guarantees:

* A deep cleansing of the surface

* A better appearance

* A longer pace of life of the surface


Roofs are being cleaned fast and well thanks to innovative technologies.



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